Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Search for a Blinker

Season 2 Begins...

Yes a new podcast has been uploaded for all you people to download from iTunes, or to listen to at, and with it comes a new branch of the Story and a whole new player. I'd like to welcome Georgia to the show here, as I forgot to do it in the actual recording and nobody listens to these things anyway. All the new and exciting things that I was talking about in the last blog post have been put on hold until I get a better hang of my new workload (I've entered sixth form recently) and until I remember what exactly I had planned for some of them.

If you're simply skimming this Blog post looking for Fanfiction then I'm afraid to inform you that the listener who sent it to me revealed to me that it was just a random M rated story from fanfictiondotnet which he'd done an autocorrect on the names of the charactors. I'm not ashamed anonomoususer1 I'm just dissapointed. To be fair, I'm not even disapointed, I'm glad you arn't as bad a writer as the fanfic made out. But I digress...*

In terms of the other things mentioned in the Podcast, the map we were discussing at the begining is here:
And this is the continent we were travelling around in in more detail:

In a seperate post I'll go into more detail about the world of Grond and the creatures who live there. Let me know what storyline you'd like to see next, more Evelyn and Lys...something or following Alaya as she carries the lifeless body of his former co-worker Alduin. Email me at to let me know.

*Is that even how that's spelt?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Shroomtastic Updates

Episode 2 is up and available to download through iTunes. It's our first attempt at broadcasting live, so it would be really great to hear some feedback about how everything sounds and fits together.

On a related note, we now have a stable audio hosting webpage which will last us for a couple more episodes. You can find the podcast specific page at: where there are also links to subscribe on iTunes and on podomatic. Any and all subs  are greatly appreciated!

Finally, in terms of updates, my Exams are nearly over so there should be quite a few more updates, both on this blog and over on my Youtube channel ( so make sure you check back for those. I have a couple of ideas for posts I can make over the next few days so expect more random rubbish.

Enjoy your weekend!


Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Quest For The Lost Item 1 - 'The Adventure Begins'

Hello and welcome to the first episode of F.A.T Guys play games. This episode we adventure into the mind of Fleak, the Game Master in a game of paper-based RPG "Tunnels and Trolls" (Not to be confused with the more popular "Dungeons and Dragons"). 

The Following Podcast contains scenes of a deeply disturbing nature so if you are of a nervous disposition I advise you to look away now...
And now I've lost half my audience may I be the first to welcome you to:

 'The Quest For The Lost Item 1 - The Adventure Begins'  

 This my fifth attempt to get this uploaded so if it doesn't work then I'm screwed.